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babylon a.d. movie trailer

Babylon A.D. (2008)

Babylon A.D Movie trailer
Babylon A.D Movie synopsis

A few decades in the future, a mercenary named Toorop (Vin Diesel) accepts a contract from a Russian mobster, Gorsky, who instructs him to bring a young woman only known as Aurora (Mélanie Thierry) to New York. In order to reach his goal, Gorsky gave Toorop a variety of weapons as well as a UN passport that has to be injected under the skin of the neck. Toorop, along with the girl and her guardian nun Sister Rebeka (Michelle Yeoh), travel from the Noelite Convent where they lived across Russia to reach America.

The towns and cities of Russia have been turned into dangerous, over populated slums by war and terrorist activity, forcing Toorop, Aurora, and Rebeka to face dangers of the human element, all the while fleeing from an unknown group of mercenaries claiming to have been sent by Aurora's supposedly dead father. The stress of humanity's situation causes Aurora to act out in strange ways that neither Toorop, nor Rebeka can explain. On one such occasion, Aurora seemed, for no reason, to panic and run from a crowded train station, just before it was bombed.

Later, they were forced to board a submarine that carried refugees to Canada. There were too many refugees to take at once, so the submarine was forced to leave some behind, even if it came to shooting them. Aurora, infuriated by the loss of life, suddenly knew how to operate the thirty year old submarine, without having ever learned about it.

Sister Rebeka explains to Toorop that Aurora could speak nineteen different languages by the age of two, and always seemed to know things she had never learned. When, three months before leaving with Toorop, she had begun acting out in ways she never had before. This occurred after a visit by a Noelite doctor who had administered a pill to Aurora. The doctor told her to go to America, and arranged for Toorop to take them.

Once in New York, a news broadcast about the bombing of the Convent that Aurora and Rebeka hail from, caused the group to realize that there was more going on then they knew. Gorsky, working for the Noelites, had planted a tracking device in Toorop's passport, and then bombed the convent when he knew they were in America. The doctor who earlier saw Aurora in the convent then appears to examine her again. When he leaves, Aurora reveals (again without being told) that she is pregnant with twins, even though she was a virgin.

Looking outside, Toorop saw both Gorsky's men, as well as the Noelite group, heavily armed and waiting for them. The High Priestess then calls Toorop and asks him to bring Aurora outside. Just before they take her away, Toorop changes his mind and starts a firefight with the two groups with the ultimate goal of getting the two women to safety. However, because of the tracking devices, Gorsky's men can lock onto him with tracking rockets. Rebeka gets shot and killed defending Aurora, who in turn shoots Toorop saying the words "I need you to live." By dying, the rocket goes off target and hits Aurora instead.

Toorop's body was revived by Dr. Arthur Darquandier, using advanced medical techniques that involved replacing parts of his right arm and his entire left leg with cybernetics to undo the damage from the explosion, and from being dead for over two hours. Darquandier explains that when Aurora was a fetus, he genetically enhanced her by using a super computer to 'implant' intelligence into her brain. It is also implied that the Noelite group had him create Aurora to become pregnant at a certain time in order to use her as a 'virgin birth' to help legitimize their religion.

After she was born, the Noelites had him assassinated, or so they thought. He remained 'dead' until he found his daughter in Russia with Toorop.

Doctor Darquandier helps Toorop access his final memories before death, where he hears Aurora instruct him to "Go Home". Doctor Darquandier then instructs Toorop and some of his hired guns to find Aurora before the Noelites do.

Toorop had told Aurora the address of a property that his family owned north of New York, so he heads there. In the meantime the High Priestess of the Noelites visits Darquandier, her ex-husband, to ask where Aurora is. When he refuses to tell she kills him, and dispatches her goons to track them down.

The Noelites goons manage to track them down but not before Toorop and his friends have rescued Aurora. A car chase (Humvees vs Range Rovers) ensues and in the end only one hummer, and 3 people are left. Toorop, Aurora and one Darquandier's guys. (Some one had to drive I guess).

They get Aurora to a safe place to give birth but she dies during the procedure, leaving her two children, of two different colors, to Toorop to raise as his own.

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Babylon A.D Movie hollywood actress/actor
  • Vin Diesel..........Toorop
    Michelle Yeoh............Sister Rebeka
    Mélanie Thierry............Aurora
    Gérard Depardieu...........Gorsky
    Charlotte Rampling............High Priestess

Sinopsis Babylon A.D. Movie

Menjelang masa depan, Toorop (Vin Diesel), tentara bayaran menerima tawaran untuk mengawal seorang wanita dari Eropa Timur menuju ke New York. Saat ia menduga ini hanyalah misi biasa, ternyata wanita tersebut membawa sebuah makhluk yang berpotensi menjadi Juru Selamat berikutnya – dan semua orang memperebutkannya (


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