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Dante peak movie trailer

Dante Peak (1997)

Dante Peak movie
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Dante Peak movie synopsis

In the Northern Cascade Mountains, a little town rests directly beside a large and possibly dangerous and powerful volcano. Dante's Peak (the town) receives an award on a warm summer day, congratulating the town on being the second best place to live, population under 20,000. After two backpackers are killed in the hot springs by active volcanic activity, Doctor Harry Dalton (Pierce Brosnan, Mrs. Doubtfire) is sent there to evaluate the town's dormant volcano. Trying to convince the town council to put the town on alert for evacuation, Harry's boss Doctor Paul Dreyfuss (Charles Hallahan, Space Jam) convinces them that putting a town on alert would mean a literal finanical nightmare for them and other neighboring towns around the state. Refusing to believe Paul's decision, Harry convinces the town mayor, Rachel Wando (Linda Hamilton, Terminator) to watch out for any threat that would come off of that mountain. Days later, the mountain begins to cause major problems, ranging from sewer leaks to mild earthquakes. Now convinced that the town is in danger of a volcanic eruption, Paul gives the order to put the town on alert. But, it is just too late. The mountain explodes. Massive amounts of ash cover the town. Day turns to night. Horrible and raging fires break out everywhere. Being in this kind of situation before, Harry and Rachel make a run for their lives as they battle through the ash, lava, and acid as they rush through the collapsing town and as they battle more challenging obstacles when they go after Rachel's children who rush up the mountain to get their grandmother. Battling against the volcano, Harry, Rachel, and the children are the only people left in the now abandoned and destroyed town. The only real challenge lies ahead where the second eruption is yet to come. Buildings fall. Lives are lost. Highways crumble. Hope lurks in the shadows. Don't look back!

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