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The Reader (2008)

The Reader movie
The Reader Movie Synopsis

Michael Berg (David Kross), a fifteen year old young man living in Berlin in 1958, gets off the tram, ducks into a doorway and vomits. An woman in her mid thirties (Kate Winslet) sees him and, after cleaning up after him, helps him get home. The doctor diagnoses him with scarlet fever and orders three months bedrest. All Michael can do is examine his stamps and bide his time.

When he is better, he returns to the apartment building to deliver a bouquet of flowers in thanks to the woman. She is matter of fact with him but asks him to escort her to work on the tramline. But when she catches him spying on her as she dresses, he runs away in shame. When he returns to apologize a few days later, she seduces him. He persuades her to tell him her name -- Hanna. Michael returns to her every day after school, rejecting the clear interest of girls his own age. She asks him to read to her, and he brings her great works of world literature. He sells his stamps so they can go on a bicycle tour in the countryside. When Hanna is promoted by the tram company, she becomes unsettled and snaps at Michael when he tries to read her Chekhov's "The Lady with the Dog." They make love one last time and she then moves away without telling him where she is going. Michael is heartbroken.

Eight years later (1966), Michael attends Heidelberg Law School. He is part of a seminar on the Holocaust, taught by Rohl (Bruno Ganz). The class attends the joint trial of six former guards at Auschwitz. Michael is shocked to learn that Hanna is one of the defendants. He is appalled to learn that Hanna was responsible for selecting Jewish women to be sent to death camps and was part of the forced march of hundreds of Jews from one camp to another; when the building in which the Jewish women were being housed overnight was set afire, Hanna and the other guards let them burn to death because to free them would have risked too much chaos. Hanna does not deny what she did and even rationalizes it. During testimony, it is revealed that Hanna had had camp prisoners read to her at night. The other guards claim that Hanna was the instigator of all the crimes and, rather than submit to a handwriting sample to disprove their claims, agrees with them. In the audience, Michael realizes that Hanna wanted others to read to her because she is illiterate. Urged on by Rohl but disturbed by a classmate who believes former Nazis should be killed, Michael tries to visit Hanna in prison to encourage her to tell the truth but, ashamed of his past with her, decides not to. Hanna is sentenced to life in prison.

As an adult, Michael (Ralph Fiennes) marries and has a daughter but remains emotionally withdrawn. His marriage ends and he becomes distant from his daughter. Discovering the books he had read to Hanna decades earlier, he re-establishes contact with her by reading the books into a tape recorder and sending them to her in prison. Using them as a guide, Hanna teaches herself to read and write. She sends him letters in return but he never responds. When it is time for her parole in 1990, Michael is the only person the prison social worker can contact. He reluctantly agrees to sponsor Hanna. He finds an apartment and job for her but, when he visits her a week before she is to be released, he is aloof to her. She tells him that before the trial, she never thought about what she did as an SS guard but thinks about nothing else now. After he leaves, she commits suicide. In her will, she asks Michael to give her life's savings to the family of one of the prisoners at Auschwitz. Michael visits the woman's daughter (Lena Olin) in New York and confesses his affair with Hanna for the first time. She refuses to forgive or accept the money but instead takes the tea tin Hanna had kept the money in, as it reminds her of a tin she had before she was sent to Auschwitz as a child. They agree to give the money to a Jewish literacy organization.

In 1995, Michael reunites with his daughter, Julia (Hannah Herzsprung), who has just returned from a year in Paris. He admits his failings as a father and drives her to a church that he and Hanna had visited during their bicycle tour nearly forty years earlier. He shows her Hanna's grave and begins to tell her his and Hanna's story.


''The Reader'' begins in 1995 Berlin, where a well-dressed Michael Berg is preparing breakfast for a woman who has one-night stand|spent the night at his apartment. The two part awkwardly, and as Michael watches an Berlin S-Bahn pass by outside afterwards the film flashes back to another tram in 1958 Neustadt. An unhappy-looking teenaged Michael gets off but wanders around the streets afterwards, finally pausing in the entryway of a nearby apartment building where he starts to vomiting|vomit. Hanna Schmitz, the tram Conductor, comes in and assists him in returning home. Michael is diagnosed with scarlet fever and must rest at home for the next three months. After he recovers he visits Hanna at her apartment and thanks her. The two begin an affair that lasts through that summer. Their liaisons, at her apartment, are characterized by him reading literary works he is studying in school to her, such as ''The Odyssey'', "The Lady with the Dog" and ''The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn''. After the two go on a bicycling trip and Hanna is promoted to the offices at the tram company, she abruptly moves without letting Michael know where she has gone.

After another brief return to the adult Michael, who drives to a court where he is a lawyer, we see him again at Heidelberg University in 1966. As part of a special seminar taught by Professor Rohl, a camp survivor, he observes a trial of several women who were accused of letting 300 Jewish women die in a burning church when they were SS guards on the Death marches following the 1944 evacuation of Auschwitz concentration camp. Michael is stunned to see that Hanna is one of the defendants.

He visits a former camp himself to try to come to terms with this. The trial divides the seminar, with one student angrily saying there is nothing to be learned from it other than that evil acts occurred. He tells Rohl that the older generation of Germans should kill themselves for their failure to act then and now.

The key evidence is the testimony of Ilana Mather, a young Jewish woman who has written a memoir about how she and her mother survived. When Hanna testifies, unlike her fellow defendants, she admits that she was aware Auschwitz was an extermination camp and that the ten women she chose during each month's were subsequently gassed. She denies authorship of a report on the barn fire, despite pressure from the other defendants, but then admits it when asked to provide a handwriting sample.

Michael then realizes Hanna's secret: she is illiterate and has made many of her life choices to conceal that. Even her choice to join the SS was made because of her desire to avoid a job promotion meaning she would have had to reveal her illiteracy. Without being specific, Michael informs Rohl that he has information favorable to one of the defendants but is not sure what to do since the defendant herself wants to avoid disclosing this. Rohl tells him that if he has learned nothing from the past there is no point in having the seminar.

Hanna receives a ife sentence for her role in the church deaths while the other defendants get terms of a few years. Michael meanwhile marries, has a daughter and divorces. Rediscovering his books and notes from the time of his affair with Hanna, he begins reading some of those works into a tape recorder. He sends the cassettes and another tape recorder to her in prison. Eventually she uses these to teach herself to read the books themselves from the prison library, and writes back to him.

Michael does not write back or visit, but keeps sending tapes, and in 1988 the prison's warden writes to him to seek his help in arranging for her after her forthcoming release. He finds a place for her to live and a job, and sees her in person to tell her these things. The night before her sentence ends she hangs herself and leaves a note to Michael and a tea tin with cash in it.

Later, Michael travels to New York. He meets Ilana and confesses his past relationship with Hanna to her. He tells her that Hanna was illiterate for most of her life but that her suicide note told him to give both the cash, some money she had in a bank account and the tea tin to Ilana. After telling Michael there is nothing to be learned from the camps and that he should go to the theater if he is seeking catharsis. Michael suggests that he donate the money to a organization that combats adult illiteracy, preferably a Jewish one, and she agrees. Ilana keeps the tea tin since it is similar to one she herself had owned before being sent to the camps, where it was taken from her to be melted down.

The film ends with Michael getting back together with his daughter, Julia, whom he admits he has grown apart from. He takes her to Hanna's grave and begins to tell her the story.

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The Reader movie Hollywood Actress/Actor
  • Kate Winslet
    Ralph Fiennes
    David Cross
    Lena Olin
    Bruno Ganz

Sinopsis The Reader Movie

Paska Perang Dunia II, pemuda Michael Berg (David Kross) jatuh sakit dan ia dirawat oleh Hanna (Kate Winslet), wanita tak dikenalnya yang berusia dua kali dari dirinya. Setelah sembuh, Michael ingin menemui Hannah untuk berterima kasih. Hubungan keduanya makin akrab

Michael mengetahui bahwa Hannah suka dibacakan buku dan hubungan mereka secara fisik pun semakin dalam. Hannah menghilang secara misterius dan Michael hidup dalam kebingungan dan patah hati. Delapan tahun kemudian, saat Michael kuliah hokum dan mengobservasi pengadilan penjahat Nazi, Hannah kembali dalam hidupnya – kali ini sebagai terdakwa. Masa lalu Hannah terungkap dan Michael mengetahui sebuah rahasia yang mempengaruhi kehidupan mereka berdua

Jenis Film
- Drama - Dewasa (adult)

- Anthony Minghella, Sydney Pollack, Scott Rudin

- The Weinstein Company

- 115

- Stephen Daldry

- David Hare


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