Thursday, September 3, 2009

marley & me movie trailer

Marley & Me (2008)

Marley & Me Movie
Marley & Me Movie synopsis/sinopsis

Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston go to the dogs with Marley & Me, a tale of a couple embarking on the adventure of marriage, career, family, and the world's worst dog. At least that's how writer and newlywed John comes to describe his blonde lab, Marley, when he takes the puppy home and finds that the fluff-ball has an uncanny ability to eat and/or destroy just about anything.

As years go by, John and his wife, Jennifer, contemplate having babies and moving across the country, while Marley grows into 100 lbs. of funny, wild, completely untrainable canine companionship -- as well as one of the most important people in the family. Marley & Me is based on the best-selling autobiographical book by columnist John Grogan. At the end, Marley has a twisted stomach & has to be put to sleep.

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Marley & Me Movie hollywood actress/actor
  • Owen Wilson ... John
    Jennifer Aniston
    ... Jenny
    Eric Dane
    ... Sebastian
    Kathleen Turner
    ... Ms. Kornblut
    Alan Arkin
    ... Arnie Klein
    Nathan Gamble
    ... Patrick (Age 10)
    Haley Bennett
    ... Lisa
    Ann Dowd
    ... Dr. Platt

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