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stepfather movie trailer

Stepfather (2009)

Stepfather movie
Stepfather Movie Synopsis/Sinopsis

Michael Harding (Penn Badgley) returns home from military school to find his mother Susan (Sela Ward), happily in love with a man known as David Harris (Dylan Walsh). He seems like the perfect father and husband to everyone - except Michael, who suspects that he isn't quite the man he seems to be.[1]

Along with his girlfriend Kelly (Amber Heard), his biological father Jay (Jon Tenney), and Susans friends (Paige Turco and Sherry Stringfield), they slowly start to piece together the mystery of the man who is set to become his stepfather, but they may be too late in getting to the truth.

In the end, David and Michael fall off the roof of their house and both are left unconcious. After being in a coma for a month Michael finds out from his girlfriend and his mom that David got away when the police showed up. The scene switches to The Stepfather working in a different area with a different name and he ends up meeting another woman with children

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Stepfather Movie hollywood actress/actor
  • Dylan Walsh......David Harrisz
    Sela Ward......Susan Harding
    Penn Badgley......Michael Harding
    Amber Heard.....Kelly Porter
    Sherry Stringfield.....Leah
    Paige Turco.....Jackie Kerns
    Jon Tenney.....Jay
    Nancy Linehan Charles......Mrs. Cutter
    Marcuis Harris......Detective Shay
    Braeden Lemasters......Sean Harding
    Deirdre Lovejoy......Detective Tylar
    Skyler Samuels......Beth Harding
    Blue Deckert.......Captain Mackie

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