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gran torino movie trailer

gran torino (2008)

gran torino movie gran torino movie synopsis

Elderly Walt Kowalski is recently widowed. Much of Walt's views of life are shaped by his time in the Korean War. On strained relations with his grown sons and not wanting the advice of the priest of his wife's church, Walt is a gruff man who has few friends. As such, he lives a solitary life with his pet Labrador retriever Daisy in the same house he has lived in for years, which is located in a working class Highland Park, Michigan neighborhood. Recently, the neighborhood has gone through changes where it is now racially mixed.

The Lor family, of ethnic Hmong descent, move into the house next door to Walt's, the family which includes two teenagers, streetwise Sue and shy Thao. Initially Walt wants nothing to do with his new foreign neighbors. Slowly, Walt does get involved in Sue and Thao's lives, despite Thao having once tried to steal Walt's beloved 1972 Gran Torino. That attempted theft was a Hmong gang initiation ritual, a gang to which Thao does not want to belong. Walt sees that Sue and Thao will never be able to live in peace as long as that gang exists. As his teen-aged neighbors' unofficial protector, Walt has to figure out how best to restore his sense of right in the neighborhood. Written by Huggo (

gran torino movie hollywood actress/actor
  • Clint Eastwood........Walt Kowalski
    Christopher Carley............Father Janovich

    Bee Vang..............Thao Vang Lor
    Ahney Her...........Sue Lor
    Haley...........Mitch Kowalski

sinopsis gran torino movie

Gran Torino sendiri bercerita mengenai Walt Kowalski (Clint Eastwood) seorang veteran Vietnam rasis. Perang Korea telah membuat orang ini susah untuk didekati, lantaran hanya ada dua hal yang paling penting dalam hidupnya, yaitu mobil dan senapan.

Suatu ketika Tao (Bee Vang) mencoba mencuri mobil kesayangan Walt, Gran Torino. Karena adat istiadat yang dianut keluarga, Tao (Vang) harus bekerja di tempat Walt. Kesepian akan hidup lama-kelamaan menyebabkan Walt menjadi dekat dengan Tao, bahkan berusaha untuk melindungi Tao dan keluarganya dari para gang jalanan yang mengincar mereka.

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