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the princess and the frog movie trailer

The Princess and the Frog (2009)

The Princess and the Frog Movie The Princess and the Frog Movie synopsis/sinopsis

In New Orleans, a young girl named Tiana and her mother are visiting the La Bouff family, where Tiana's mother is crafting a dress for the family's daughter named Charlotte. Charlotte is a lover of fairy tales, and Tiana's mother reads the two the story of "The Frog Prince."

While Charlotte is enamored with kissing a frog that becomes a prince, Tiana finds the thought disgusting.
Upon returning home, Tiana helps her Father prepare gumbo. As the meal is finished, her Father tells of his dream to one day open his own restaurant. When Tiana eagerly chimes in that she wants to help, her

Father claims they'll call it Tiana's Place. Upon seeing the North Star outside her window, Tiana makes a wish, to which her Father explains that wishing can only go so far, and that she has to help that wish along.
As time passes, holds onto the dream, even after her Father has passed away. Working two different jobs, Tiana spends almost all of her time working and saving for a place, with little time for friends or fun. One morning, she runs into Charlotte and her father. Charlotte's father, 'Big Daddy' La Bouff, has been named King of the Mardi Gras (for the 5th year in a row), but Charlotte is tickled pink that a visiting Prince named Naveen is in New Orleans. As Naveen is single, Charlotte hopes to fulfill her wish of marrying a Prince and living Happily Ever After, and has invited him to attend a social function at the family mansion. Knowing of Tiana's cooking skills, Charlotte pays her friend a large sum of money to cater the event. Tiana is pleased, as the money is just enough to allow her to purchase the place to start her restaurant.

Tiana contacts the building's owners and shows the place to her Mother. While her Mother is pleased, she is worried that Tiana seems to have no time for herself, with her one-mindedness regarding the restaurant.
At the La Bouff mansion, Tiana shows up to cater the event, and soon, Prince Naveen arrives. Charlotte eagerly goes to him for a dance. However, as Tiana watches her friend, the realtors of the property have also attended the function. Tiana eagerly tells of her wish to sign the papers to the building as soon as possible, but the two men explain that someone else has offered a larger sum, and are planning to deny her the property. Upset and heartbroken, Tiana accidentally makes a mess of her outfit.

Charlotte, seeing her friend in need, allows her to change out of the outfit, into a blue gown with tiara. While in Charlotte's room, she sees the star shining in the sky, and wishes for help regarding her restaurant. As she looks down, she finds a frog sitting near her, that suddenly starts to talk!
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The Princess and the Frog movie hollywood actress/actor
  • Anika Noni Rose......Tiana (voice)
    Bruno Campos..........Prince Naveen (voice)

    Keith David...........Dr. Facilier (voice)
    Michael-Leon Wooley...........Louis (voice)
    Jennifer Cody..............Charlotte (voice)

    Jim Cummings...........Ray (voice)
    Peter Bartlett.............Lawrence (voice)

    Jenifer Lewis............Mama Odie (voice)
    Oprah Winfrey..........Eudora (voice)

sinopsis the princess and the frog movie

Naveen (Bruno Campos) adalah seorang pangeran dari negeri Maldonia yang dikutuk menjadi seekor katak oleh seorang penyihir jahat bernama Dr. Facilier (Keith David). Tak ada yang tahu bagaimana cara membalik kutukan ini dan mengubah Naveen kembali menjadi manusia tapi menurut dongeng jika ada seorang wanita yang mau mencium Naveen maka ia akan terbebas dari kutukan ini.

Naveen putus asa karena tak mungkin ia mendapatkan seorang wanita yang mau menciumnya yang kini berwujud seekor katak. Perjalanan Naveen akhirnya sampai ke New Orleans, tempat Tiana (Elizabeth M. Dampier) bekerja menjadi seorang pelayan di rumah makan. Naveen berusaha meyakinkan Tiana bahwa bila ia bersedia menciumnya maka ia akan berubah kembali menjadi seorang pangeran yang tampan.

Celakanya, kisah dalam dongeng tak selalu benar. Bukannya membebaskan Naveen dari kutukan, Tiana malah berubah menjadi katak juga. Kini tak ada pilihan lain buat mereka selain berusaha menemukan Mama Odie (Jenifer Lewis) yang konon memiliki ilmu sihir tinggi dan sanggup membantu mereka berdua. (kpl/roc) (

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